With the flexibility to combine a variety of U.S. Department of Defense recognized resins and substrates, Norplex-Micarta draws on its 60 years of expertise to develop customized proprietary formulations for the Military and its vehicle suppliers. The company also provides complex composites by integrating various forms of steel, aluminum, titanium, Kevlar, or ceramics with thermoset composites for superior blast protection in a myriad of security applications.

The ShotBlocker® line of ballistic resistant sheets, pre-pregs, and molded shapes is uniquely formulated to meet the most stringent military requirements. Offered in sheet thicknesses ranging from 0.062" to 8", and sheet sizes up to 48" x 120", each formulation undergoes a controlled multi-step manufacturing process followed by rigorous material testing to guarantee superior performance.

Multi-Step Manufacturing Process
Norplex-Micarta uses state-of-the-art equipment for each step in the manufacturing process, from materials preparation and treating to pressing and finishing. First, the substrate is processed by immersing it in the compounded resin. Then, the impregnated material is partially cured in a treater oven. The treated material is either issued to the customer as pre-preg, sent to the press for sheet grades, or sent to tube winding machines for tubing grades. Finished products are trimmed, stripped, sanded, ground, and packaged as required.

Commitment to Quality
At Norplex-Micarta, quality extends well beyond the products; it is infused into every operational aspect. Strategic investments have been made in quality assurance, reflected in state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, material analysis, and testing facilities, as well as a continuous commitment to Six Sigma Lean Manufacturing practices and SMED training.

Equipped with an on-site lab, Norplex-Micarta provides customers with test reports or certifications for purchased materials. The lab is also equipped to test materials from the field and will assist customers with any corrective actions necessary to maximize material performance.

Complex composite incorporating ceramic materials

Complex composite incorporating ceramic materials